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I love to LOVE. The biggest loves of my life are God, my husband Kenwin, and my three miracles: KJ, Kezia, and Kaleb. I love to get on Kenwin's nerves and I love to see my children laugh and play together. I also enjoy people. One of my favorite pass times is to spend quality time with the people I love. I also enjoy traveling. I never say no to food unless its liver. And I never say no to shopping even if I'm just looking. I desire to be more understanding. And I love to have fun. Most of all I love to take advantage of every moment.


How it all Started
It seems like just yesterday I was at my own engagement session asking the photographer...... "can we take a picture like this" and "is it ok if we do this." I wanted all the love, joy, and excitement I felt to never be forgotten. It was at that time that I fell in love with the power of photography and its ability to capture so many emotions and memories in one image. I'll never forget my friends advice.....she said, "Charmaine you have spent so much time planning, shopping, and making this wedding so unique you better make sure you take lots of pictures because I guarantee that a month after the wedding you'll start forgetting all the finer details." So now that's what I do, take lots of pictures. I love taking pictures of each special occasion/event, friends, family, and all the different milestones life brings. I believe its so important to keep a tangible token of every moment.

Love to Capture Your Moments
I find it so fulfilling in capturing special moments for others. I love photography and am passionate about making your special occasion unique and unforgettable. 

Thank You
I must thank God first for blessing me more than I could have ever imagined. Every day I am amazed at all the accomplishments and places I have walked. I would have never imagined being in the place I am today if it were not for God's mercy in my life. I may not know what lies ahead, but I do know one thing that with God everything is under control and its always an adventure. I hope and pray that everything I do is always a reflection of Him.

Secondly I must thank the love of my life Kenwin. He is my best friend, soul mate, determinately my better-half, support, and lover. He continually motivates and challenges me. He draws out of me things I had no idea existed. I am so thankful that God placed him in my life. I know I will always need him because he always makes everything right. I love you lindo you are the best!!

Lastly, I must thank Shae Holly with Shae Owens Photography. She is so brilliant.... more than she gives herself credit. She has taught and encouraged me so much. Sometimes I think her and Kenwin work together. She has allowed me to ask her a billion questions. Shae your kindness, help, and patience is so appreciated. I owe you so much that I don't know how I'll ever repay you. I love ya sista!!!